Loan Officer Owned Lead Generation Platform

Solution for mortgage loan officers seeking Predictable source of consumer borrowers

Future Funding USA is an experienced venture with a well-vetted platform, grounded in industry experience and research, backed by strategy and test marketed, worthy of your investment

Future Funding’s mission is to absorb the financial cost and burden of securing online future home buyers and provide mortgage financing approval to prepare home buyers.

This means AGENTS AND LENDERS ALIKE can focus on what you do best and create a consistent and predictable pipeline.

How It Works

Own Your Future With The Future Funding Pro System

Platform for partner lenders to boost profits and expand pipelines with impressive closing rates through high conversion rates from Future Funding Buyer Generation.

It all begins with A NEW GENERATION OF HOME BUYERS who we find and deliver to our partner loan officers who secure mortgage loan pre-approval to determine what they can buy, how to buy and when to buy. Your pre-approved buyers are then put into the Future Funding Pro System.

Future Pro Connect

Provides our lender partners more control over their entire pipeline. Pro Connect captures real-time status updates and feedback from all parties so you can be more efficient and responsive. This information is prioritized in the Loan Officer Portal and the lender’s CRM, so nothing slips through the cracks.

Future Pro Search

This lets borrowers browse homes, get listing alerts, and schedule viewings entirely within our lending partners branded ecosystem. This gives our lending partners better visibility while keeping them, and their key value propositions on top of your pre-approved borrowers minds as they spend time across their home shopping journey.

Future Pro Insights

Reveals real-time partner loan officer performance data to help our teams identify what’s working and what needs to improve. Fully-configurable dashboards allows partner lenders to monitor in real-time for better campaign forecasting, as well as targeted sales coaching and borower routing.

Future Pro Amplify

This feature turns every successful closing into high-impact marketing collateral that helps our Partner Lenders generate more business. Every closing and piece of positive feedback is repackaged into personalized (and compliant) content loan officers can share on social media postings or website to boost their personal brand.

Our lender partners retain more borrowers with rewards of up to 0.5% of purchase price, cash back at closing from certified realtors or credit for closing costs.

In 41 States, offer your borrowers up to 0.5% cash back when they buy with a Future Pro Certified Realtor. In all 50 States, we can help clients sell their home for just a 1.5% listing fee.

What You Get

Exclusive Opportunity: Limited Ownership for Elite Loan Officers, No License Changes Needed!

Become A Partner As A Limited Owner, a small elite group of loan officers who perform origination at a high level of service. Loan Officers stay with their current lending company, no need to change license status.

Boost Revenue: Loan Officers Thrive as Limited Owners, We Handle the Heavy Lifting!

Loan Officers now have an opportunity to generate more business and revenue and close more deals as a limited owner. We do the heavy lifting for our owners who do what they do best, origination and borrower loan approval.

Boost Click-Throughs by 80%: Personalized Video Ads Drive Higher Conversions

We create Video Ads Launched on Google, Youtube, TikToc, Instagram and other social media sites that personalize Messages generating an 80% increased audience CLICK THRU participation rate which improves conversion rates by 38%. Higher conversions provide higher intent leads improving overall capture rates.

Own Your Future

At Future Funding, we believe owning your future means taking control of your business.

That’s why we offer a free webinar where you can learn more about our opportunity to own your own buyer lead generation company.

Our mission is to help you find those buyers out there, so you can close more loans.

Start owning your future

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