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Future Funding USA is an experienced venture with a well-vetted platform, grounded in industry experience and research, backed by strategy and test marketed, worthy of your investment.

We Offer Partnerships

Limited Ownership Through Private Placement Memorandum To Only Non-Accredited Investors


Sam Trantam
Founder/ President

The founder has 24 years of industry experience as entrepreneur working with loan officers and real estate agents.

After over two decades operating retail operations of different national mortgage banking entities and his own brokerage business, his vision turned to lead generation in 2019.

 In late 2019 Turbo Franchise Development LLC was launched,  a franchisor operation designed to create franchises that managed lead generation services of home buyer referrals sourced directly from independent real estate agents.

In 2021, the first franchise,  Premier Turbo Team;  was launched composed of over 250 real estate agents into a pool as limited owners of the franchise. The franchise operated successfully as a test cycle supporting loan officers with agent referrals  Agents directly provided their own self generated consumer leads into a pipeline funnel of  loan production that generated revenue to loan officers and paid profit share to the agents.

In mid 2023 Premier Turbo Team platform of limited owner agents was transformed into a different format.  As the industry faced headwinds in the aftermath of covid and the rapid increase of borrowing costs due to increased interest rates, Mr. Trantham  re-formed Premier Turbo Team into Future Funding USA to adjust to shifting market conditions and transformed the franchise into a B2C lead generation platform away from agent ownership into Loan Officer ownership.  

Future Funding USA is an innovative transformation into a B2C lead generation company that is facing the future of how home buying and mortgage origination will line up more intently with consumer direct marketing.

The company is located just outside of Austin in the Lake Travis area at 1202 Lakeway Drive, Lakeway Texas 78734.

Our Value Proposition

Future Funding mission is to absorb the financial cost and burden of securing on-line future home buyers and provide mortgage financing approval to prepare home buyers.

This means AGENTS AND LENDERS ALIKE can focus on what you do best and create a consistent and predictable pipeline.

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