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Partnership Opportunities

Jump Start New Business With
Future Funding USA

You Have Two Ways To Become A Partner:

Limited Partner

( not everyone qualifies, key word is “limited”)
  • $10,000.00 investment.
  • Future Funding buys back your original investment ( Our Guarantee- we write you a check) and convert your limited partnership into equity in the company after closing and funding 18 loan files.
  • Your equity grows in value. (think retirement plan)
  • Your limited partnership is then converted into Preferred Partnership Subscription Plan.

Preferred Partnership Subscription Plan:

  • You receive unlimited future buyers
  • Reduced pay as you go subscription price of $650.00 per closed loan file.
  • You qualify for Future Funding Recruiter

Future Funding Recruiter Level:

  • Recruit new Loan Officers into Future Funding USA as Limited Partners
  • Train new LO’s to become Future Funding USA Partners
  • Upon recruiting 6 new limited partners, your own Pay As You Go subscription price is reduced to $325.00
  • Upon recruiting additional 6 limited partners, you own subscription price is reduced to zero.


Flexible Pay-as-you-Go

You can join Future Funding USA
without becoming Limited Partner
  • $1,250 pay as you go for every closed loan file
  • Unlimited future buyers.
  • Can convert to Limited Partner with company approval.

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