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Member Owner agrees to terms and conditions.

Member Owner agrees to participate in Future Funding Marketing Support Platform:

 Self-Generated Buyer Leads Program

  • Member Owner agrees to the responsibility and obligation to provide all self-generated leads to the Franchise for Pre- Qualification.

  • Self Generated Leads are pre-qualified the Franchise Concierge Service and become classified as “Asset Leads” of the franchise.

  • Asset Leads will be supplied to the Franchise Preferred Lenders who provide pre-approved buyers back to the Member Owner

  • Asset leads are non-exclusive to the franchise and can also work with any other company for services similar to those the franchise provides. 

  • Asset Leads are disclosed in the Future Funding Tools Referral Link format provided by the Franchise in the AFFILIATED BUSINESS DISCLOSURE form.

  • Asset Leads qualify for AD SHARE participation and generate credit funding to the Member-Owner AD SHARE budget the franchise provides.

 A Total of $500.00 AD Share Credit will be awarded to the Member-Owner AD SHARE account after the lead closes and funds 

AD- SHARE Generated Leads Program.

  • Member Owner Ad Share budget will be held in the member-owner Future Funding Tools account.

  • AD SHARE account will be credited a start-up budget of $500.00 from the Franchise.

  • AD SHARE account provides funding and marketing support for pre-approved buyers back to the member-owner

  • AD SHARE account provides the member-owner future funds to cover marketing costs to generate new buyer leads back to the member-owner.

  • AD SHARE  budget can also fund any “third party” marketing costs of the member-owner.

  • AD SHARE marketing costs is paid directly to the vendor supported by an invoice to the franchise.

A Total of $500.00 AD Share Credit will be awarded to the Member-Owner SHARE account after each Ad Share Lead closes and funds.

Return On Ownership Profit Sharing Program.  

  • Return On Ownership is outlined in Article 5-6 of the Future Funding Limited Liability Agreement.

  • Return On Ownership requires a minimum of $2M annual production for participation.

  • Return On Ownership is based on the net profit from the company distributed to the pooled interest comprised of all qualified limited members.

  • Pool interest is divided equally from net profits among the total number of qualified limited members under Good Standing at the time of distribution per the Company Agreement.

  • Future Funding Franchise Operating Agreement will be provided to the new Member-Owner upon acceptance as a Limited Member-Owner of the Franchise

  • Future Funding Franchise will generate a Limited Liability Ownership Certificate to each Limited Member-Owner of the Franchise.


 Each member-owner agrees to complete a Membership On-Boarding Session

  • On-Boarding Introduction to the Franchise includes meeting with existing Preferred Lender(s)  in scheduled Zoom Meeting

  • On-Boarding with Member Owner includes back-office Future Funding Tools system training

Future Funding Success Fee Program

  • Member Owner agrees to invest a one-time fee of $1,500.00 in becoming a Member-Owner of Future Funding.

  • Member Ownership qualifies the agent to receive AD Share for each Self- Generated and Ad- Share  lead

  • Member Ownership qualifies the agent to participate in Future Funding Return On Ownership Profit Sharing Program


Member-Owner agrees to:

      • Accept and Remit the One Time SUCCESS FEE agreement invoice from our franchise payment processor Stripe.

      • One Time-SUCCESS FEE is due at time of the first closed and funded buyer from Future Funding.
Todays Date: 07/22/2024
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